Cabery Phase III Water System Improvements


Village of Cabery

Services Provided:

Grant Writing, Surveying, Preliminary Engineering, Contract Bidding Services,Grant Administration, Construction Staking, Construction Engineering.

Construction Start:

November 2016

Construction Completion:

September 2017

Total Construction Cost:


Funding Sources:

DCEO CDGB Competitive PI + Design

Project Description:

The Village of Cabery had drastically undersized water mains that didn’t meet current IEPA water main design/construction requirements. This old system compromised water quality due to rapid accumulations of calcium carbonate and iron deposits within its distribution.  Water tests showed iron levels well above the preferred level of 0.20 – 0.30 mg/L for public drinking water distribution systems.  The concentration of these substances ruined residential plumbing fixtures and posed serious threats to public health due to poor water quality.  

Due to the age of the system, the existing mains in the project area were made of cast iron and had no interior liner or cement coating. The result was rust and corrosion inside the existing cast iron pipes. This was another factor of poor water quality for village residents, complicated by the undersized mains: they simply didn’t allow for proper flushing of these contaminants. 

Many residents believed that their poor water quality was the cause of the health issues on that side of town. If unfixed, the Village of Cabery would likely face severe blockage and water contaminant levels that would no longer be safe for drinking and bathing. To avoid this, the village commissioned Piggush Engineering to improve the water system. Together, we designed, constructed, and installed 6,100 linear feet of new water main, hydrants, valves and service line. With our help, the Village of Cabery is able to better serve their residents with clean drinking water, protect plumbing fixtures, and alleviate the village’s health and safety threat.  

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