Gilman Northwest Sanitary Sewer Improvement


City of Gilman

Services Provided:

Grant Writing, Surveying, Preliminary Engineering, Contract Bidding Services, Grant Administration, Construction Staking, Construction Engineering, Project Closeout.

Construction Start:

March 2017

Construction Completion:

September 2017

Total Construction Cost:


Funding Sources:

DCEO CDGB Competitive PI + Design

Project Description:

The City of Gilman had failing clay sewer mains, which greatly reduced the carrying capacity within the sewer collection system.  Due to the age of the system, the existing mains in the project area were made of clay pipe and reached the end of their useful design life, resulting in frequent failures to the collection system. These failing pipes and an accumulation of debris caused dangerous sinkholes in roadway areas, and didn’t allow for proper collection and treatment of wastewater. In times of heavy rain, ground water infiltrated the system, sending a surcharge of wastewater into residents’ homes. This caused substantial frequent damage to residents’ homes within the City, and worse, posed severe threats to public health and safety. The City of Gilman was determined to remedy this persistent threat to public health and residential property.

The City commissioned us to design and construct 4,900 linear feet of new sewer main, rehabilitate the manhole system and sewer slip-lining, and replace service connection for residents. With our help, the City of Gilman alleviated a health and safety threat to their northwestern district. 


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