Mike Gall

CAD Department Manager


Studied CADD Drafting and Design Technology at Kankakee Community College

Why he co-founded the team

I’ve led the drafting department in the development and delivery of Piggush Engineering’s CAD standards, creative content, and construction documentation.

Why he loves it here

I enjoy working at Piggush Engineering because it allows me to utilize and share my 20+ years of experience with my colleagues and to find new technology and methods to move our profession in a forward thinking and creative direction and to be impactful and creative with our designs for the communities and clients we serve.

Get to know Mike:


Wife Stacy, daughters Madeline and Sophia, and their maltipoo Lulu

Favorite Local Eats

Tamales at Isidros

Favorite Local Spot

Hanging with his family and community at Cobb Park

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