The combination of funding mechanisms and infrastructure projects go hand in hand and both play vital roles in accomplishing successful construction projects. Because of this, we at Piggush Engineering will utilize our grant writing and administration experience, expertise and governmental relationships in order to find the lock and key fit that each project may need to find the appropriate grant and/or funding in order to bring a given project from a dream to reality. Our grant writing team has proven success working with local Municipalities to secure grant funding.

Grant Agencies

The Illinois community development assistance program focuses on assisting communities in Illinois with low to moderate income levels meet their economic and community development needs.

The Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) administers a number of grant programs designed to strengthen communities.Our grant writer has extensive experience working with the DCEO and can help determine the proper grant funding mechanism for your next project.

FEMA currently administers three programs to assist with hazard mitigation. The programs include the Hazard Mitigation Grant program (HMGP), which assists in implementing long term hazard mitigation measures following a nationally declared major disaster. The Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) program provides funding for hazard mitigation planning and projects. The Flood Mitigation Assistance program provides funds for projects to reduce or eliminate flood risk to buildings that are insured under the National Flood Insurance program (NFIP).

The Illinois Association of Community Action Agencies offers various grant programs focusing on improving the economic standards of low income residents by eliminating the causes and conditions caused by poverty.

The Illinois Department of Transportation provides grant funding to enhance highway and rail access. Improvement projects are an 80/20 fund match and projects that required land acquisitions are a 50/50 fund match.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources administers a variety of grants to improve and preserve recreational amenities and natural resources.

The Illinois Environmental Protection agency provides grants for projects that will help protect the environment and public health and safety.

The United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development offers grants for various rural applications.